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  • CEO & Founder– Mindcrest Seminars, Mindcrest Academy, Brain Health coaches, NLP Trainer, Motivation Speaker, Entrepreneur, Start-up Consultant

Piyush Gupta is Expert in Brain coaching, Memory Improvements, speed reading, and Optimal Brain Performance.

He is CEO & Founder of Mindcrest Seminars & Mindcrest Academy and a Leader in accelerated learning system for every age of students and professionals.

He is Also a Renowned NLP Trainer in India. Piyush’s Cutting-edge techniques and Impressive Mental Feats have made him known Brain Health & NLP coach in India.



Piyush Gupta is the founder of Mindcrest Seminars and a widely recognized Indian expert in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning. For 1 years, he has served as the mental coach to students, seniors, entrepreneurs, and educators, and as advisor to many of renowned personalities India.

Piyush’s cutting-edge techniques, entertaining presentation style, and impressive brainpower feats have made him a frequent and highly sought- out trainer in India. Piyush’s Mission is to encourage youth to use their Highest Potential in any area of life by adopting Most Effective Brain Health System. Also, His goal is to help people to reach their goal of true financial Freedom in 5 years by taking action Today. His Leadership and Entrepreneurship Quality Made him to become best version of him-self, and the same he is sharing with people of India.

Piyush Has started his carrier with Eureka Forbes and after that he also work with India’s Biggest MNC Like Larsen & Toubro & Tata Power solar for more than 5 years. After words, He has Established Successful Business with Rs 0/- Investment. Piyush Gupta has been also Trying hard to Found Similarities of the Qualities and Secret that work for success universally and finally he got Amazing and Secrets and life transformational Solutions, which Reflects through his Seminars and workshop.

He has Experimented and observed Principal of success which are applicable universally. He transforms people by impacting upon their mind subtly yet strongly, he successfully deconstructs the inner working of common place thoughts and adds his fresh and empowering perspective to it. Life is all about conditioning and education are combinations of continuous learning & unlearning. He is using ultimate system for life transformation as multimedia clips, based on conveying and creative impact of the message. That would be most effective and practical part of learning. An intensive Program, which assist people to take charge of their life by identifying their unique code and Action. Driving Triggers through effective and innovative techniques.

He creates an environment which inspires his participants to transform their life by 360 Degree, change their perception and start taking immediate action towards creating their dream life and breakthrough. He also Provide training in Corporate for Peak Performance, Communication, mind-set, Productivity, Reinvention, health, Life balance and stress Relief with NLP.

“If Knowledge is power, Leaning Skills & Utilization of Knowledge is Superpower”
Piyush Gupta

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