Unleash The Super-Brain

Unleash the Super-brain is Piyush Gupta’s unique and signature program, which is known and first-time in India with a unique combination of Applied Student NLP & Memory Masterclass. The brain bio-hacking feature will help you & your child to maintain Ideal Health, Positive Thoughts, Mental Peace, Brain Health, Long Memory Retention, Quick Recall, Quick Thinking and Brain - Body Alignment which also improves productivity and performance in all areas of life.

Memory Masterclass

in this part, you will learn, How to:

How to learn 10 X Faster anything & everything you need to learn.

How to Retain 10 X Faster

How to Focus & Concentrate with potential use of your super-Brain.

How to Think Faster

How to Recall Faster

How to Quick Read

How to learn long digit Number

Memorize any content in one go.

Vocabulary, General knowledge, Periodic Tables Chemical Equations, Table, Flow chart, Maps, Spelling, Long Paragraph, MCQ

How to Cure Dyslexia

How to prepare for any entrance exam Like – JEE, NEET, PMT, GUJCAT, CAT, VITEE, UPSC, AIIMS, LSAT, LAW, LET, GAT and many more….

Student NLP

in this part, you will discover:

Getting rid of past painful memories of any event or failure

Eliminating mind patterns of any type of fear or phobia of any subject or exam

Building subconscious patterns of confidence for any subject, exam, interview or public speaking

Creating subconscious triggers of success in studies

Building a bright future full of wonderful goals

Solving the problem of 'dyslexia' and learning disability

Creating Positive behaviour

Developing the subconscious senses like Visual Sense, Auditory Sense & Kinaesthetic Sense

Building stronger self-image

Handling any personal issue

Brain Bio- Hacking

In this part, you will learn the complete guide to enhance your Brain-body Performance for better success in life, your creative world only you can make, when you have High- brain Performance and fit body:

Fit-Brain diet chart

Brain improvisation Excises to keep it Fit & Creative.

Brain & Mind connection Analysis and USP to control your state of mind.

5 AM club Routine and diet Plan

Scientifically Proven -Creative Visualization techniques for Students.

Benefit of Workshop

Quick Student will enable you to:

Cut down on studying time and focus on creative Activities

Reduce stress and frustration.

Get into your top choice undergraduate or graduate school.

Achieve higher exam scores.

Improve standardized test results.

Qualify for your ideal job.

Perform well in Any Entrance Exam.

Workshop Certificate

“Your Brain is Hardware and Mind Is software”

“In 21st Century you need to master one skills, and that is How to learn & Retain Faster”

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About Piyush Gupta

A sought-after expert and speaker in Brain Coaching, Memory Improvement, Speed Reading, and Optimum Brain Performance, Piyush Gupta is the CEO & Founder of Mindcrest Seminars & Mindcrest Academy. He is a celebrated Leader in accelerated learning system for people (students and professionals) from different walks of life. He is also a well-renowned NLP Trainer in India.

Piyush’s cutting-edge and experimental techniques and impressive mental accomplishments have made him a sought-out Brain Health & NLP Coach in India.

“If Knowledge is power, Learning Skills & Utilization of Knowledge is Superpower”